Who are my favorites?

M Y  F A V O R I T E
 P E O P L E
 I N  T H E  I N T E R N E T

I know, I mentionned a lot my favorite influencers, I can not help it! I love sharing what I love with you guys. So without any further do here are la créme de la créme (of course this is soooo subjectif hahaha but yeah, at least for me haha) so yeah let's get started with the list! 


Sé que menciono seguido a mis influencers favoritos ¡no puedo evitarlo! Amo compartir con ustedes lo que me gusta. Bueno sin mas rodeo, he aqui la créme de la créme (claro, esto es muuuuy subjetivo jajaja pero si, por lo menos para mi jaja) Empecemos!


- Blank itinerary (Loooove it)
- Pamallier (she rocks!)
- The Blonde Salad (found her like 4 years ago and still loving her blog)
- Sincerely Jules (she is defenitely a traveller but the best thing is her style!)
- Amelia Liana ( I just really love her blog)

Of course you should check their IG too, they are pretty awesome!

Claro que tambien deberian checar su IG, son increibles! 


- RemLife (The intro will be stock in your head and it's the best thing!)
- MoreZoella (she is always happy and so I am haha)
- Alisha Marie (Bae's place and specially love when Niki appears and when she goes to target)
- Aspyn and Parker (They are travelling all the time! and it's awesome )
- Safia Vendome (yes I know it's in french but still you should watch her she's always happy too)

Now that I think about it, they are all so happy and they are all so positive! And you will finish with a smile in your face :) 

Ahora que lo pienso, todas son personas alegres y positivas! Terminaras con una sonrisa en tu cara.


- Zoella (I found her 5 years ago and I am her fan (even though you should keep in mind that most of her video are kinda long) but totally worth it!)
- Lucy and Lydia (These two are amazing, always with a smile in their faces)
- In the frow (she has also a blog and yes it is beautiful, I love her style! )
- Caroline Tucker (she is soo funny! You will relate with her)
- Amelia Liana (I just admire her, I love her reviews and Duke! another happy girl)
- Jenn or Clothesencounters (Looooooooove her style and her videos)
- That's Heart (she is soo funny! and I love her makeup)
- Mariana Bonilla (yup something en español! I love her personality) 
- Mimi Ikonn (An all time favorite)

And that's it! Hope you like it and found new internet people :) Of course I would love to know your favorites in the comments! 



¡Eso es todo! Espero que les haya gustado y que hayan conocido o encontrado nuevas personas a las cuales seguir en Internet :) Claro que me encantaría saber cuales son sus favoritos en los comentarios! 



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